Recipes from the team

Here we have a selection of food and drink recipes for you to try at home.. see what you think and if there are any dishes you want to know about please drop us an email and we will get back to you..

A light starter.. 

Beetroot Cured Salmon

1 side of salmon, rock salt & 4 large beetroot (or 1 large jar pickled beetroot!)

A little something different, curing your own fish is easier that most people think, firstly get your hands on a nice side of salmon, lay a square of tin foil out on a clean kitchen surface and evenly cover with rock salt, place the Salmon skin side down on top of the salt, cover the salmon with more rock salt, wrap in the foil ensuring it is completely covered and place in the fridge for 3 days.. Wait patiently! Take the fish out the fridge, shake off the excess salt.. put on fresh foil and leave to one side.. Slice 4 large beetroot and layer over the salmon, wrap back up in foil and place in fridge for a further 3 days..

Take out of fridge, unwrap, take off beetroot and enjoy.. For those of you who prefer a pickled beetroot, this can also be done with pre-pickled beetroot fresh out of a jar! Great served with a little salad, light vinaigrette and rye bread!


A little refreshment post dinner time :)

The Perfectly Smoked Manhattan..

A twisted classic cocktail, created by Rod for the UK bartender of the year finals in 2008.. and won! 

Whisky Tumbler, a decent Bourbon (rod recommends Buffalo Trace), 1 orange, quartered, 4 maraschino cherries, angostura bitters, sweet & dry vermouth, laphroig (or other peaty malt!) and ice

Sounds like a lot of ingredients but easily combined to make this fantastic after dinner drink.. squeeze and discard two of the orange quarters into the whisky tumbler, drop the other two quarters into the glass add in the cherries and three / four dashes angostura bitters and using a muddler if you have one, if not a tablespoon will do and mash all the ingredients together in the bottom of the glass.. once totally and utterly destroyed shake out the mulch and fill the glass with ice, pour in a large healthy helping of bourbon, a dribble of sweet and dry vermouth, and finish with slowly pouring the laphroig over the top.... stir once and enjoy.. responsibly and slowly this is not a shot!!!